The Sangalli family has been setting the standard in engine gasket manufacturing since 1943.

Classic cars, competition cars, industrial engine and tractors are Sangalli Guarnizioni's expertise in both domestic (Italian) and International markets. 

Experience passed down through generations of the Sangalli family using superior-quality materials and a unique method of reconstruction through sampling has made the company a leader in the production of engine and head gaskets.

Classic cars such as ALFA ROMEO, FIAT, LANCIA, 
MASERATI, LAMBORGHINI, and FERRARI are all intimately understood by Sangalli Guarnizioni and treated by our makers as the revered works of art they are.

Every engine gasket kit is carefully produced and packaged, containing every single piece necessary for motor assembly. 

Sangalli Guarnizioni gaskets are of supreme quality, using REINZ AFM 22, REINZ AFM 20, REINZ AFM 38, and klinger. 

Able to reconstruct with extreme precision all types of engine gaskets starting from a design or a sample, Sangalli Guarnizioni expertly makes any necessary changes to thickness or diameter of cylinders with ease. 

Guaranteeing precision and professionalism in everything Sangalli Guarnizioni does, their and reliability are noted among peers in the international market. 

Your experience with Sangalli Guarnizioni from placing the order, consultation regarding the best materials to use, and all client follow up throughout the process of your motor's purchase and construction and post-purchase are dealt with in a proactive and efficient manner. 



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